Garmor has developed a cost-effective method of producing high-quality graphene oxide, a carbon-based material similar to carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Although graphene was discovered nearly ten years ago, attempts to commercialize the mass production of graphene have not yet achieved affordable price points for many applications. By leveraging a new manufacturing methodology, Garmor plans to initially market graphene oxide for use in high-volume industries.

Garmor is establishing a production facility with a 100 metric ton capacity to service our customer's needs for high volume applications. We are actively partnering with key strategic suppliers and customers to ensure a high quality product is delivered at affordable prices. This is achieved using patented technology that relies on minimal reactants and produces no harmful by-products. In fact, the only products resulting from our process are water and graphene oxide thereby offering a truly environmentally-friendly process that can be performed in even the most sensitive municipalities.

Garmor's management team includes seasoned business and technical professionals experienced in commercializing early-stage technologies. The management team is focusing on the creation of strategic relationships to facilitate market penetration and business development. The management team is complemented by an accomplished technical team which has been awarded over 100 US patents and several hundred international patents throughout their careers.