Graphene Oxide




This material is the as-synthesized product requiring no additional purification. The product is black in color and odorless. Successful incorporation of graphene oxide into specific solvents or hosts is dependent on the oxidation state and this sample prefers polar or hydrophilic hosts. Sonication is recommended for aiding dispersion in solvents. Additional information regarding the incorporation into a variety of hosts can be provided by Garmor.

Particle Size
The particle size can be tailored based on the starting material and processing conditions. For standard conditions, particle size analysis shows a Gaussian-like distribution of particle sizes as determined by dynamic light scattering with a nominal particle size diameter of 400nm with 90% of the particle sizes below 800nm in diameter.

~10 layers thick (90% of material)

Oxygen Content
4-6% (dry sample)

Garmor has developed a cost-effective method of producing high-quality graphene oxide. This patented method yields high purity graphene with zero waste offering the potential for high volume production with minimal cost.


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