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Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG) maximizes performance of host materials and is only available from Garmor.

With just a small amount, our clients have created new and/or improved materials with previously unheard of levels of enhanced physical properties.

And that’s just the start.

Garmor Edge Functionalized Graphene is:

Graphene Evolved.

Say hello to our technology.

Garmor Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG) is easily grafted to monomers and polymers without compromising any of the properties which fulfill graphene’s potential. Edge functionalization enables the transfer of graphene’s superlative properties from the nanoscale to macro scale commercially used materials.

So: What is the impact here?

Your products will have a step change in properties and operate beyond their normal performance envelope.

Garmor Edge Functionalized Graphene features also include:

This Is One Remastered Graphene

And it’s just waiting to enhance your products today.

Coatings, Elastomers & Foams

Use Garmor to outpace your competition.

Polymers + More!

Garmor Edge Functionalized Graphene isn’t just for polymers. It’s for anything – including your next big idea.


Need stronger concrete? We got you.

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