Garmor Develops Method for Creating Conductive Fibers

December 3, 2018

(ORLANDO, FL) — Garmor Inc. has developed an innovative process for converting insulative, polymeric fibers into electrically conductive fibers with minimal cost and no waste products.  The method leverages Garmor’s expertise of graphene-polymer interactions and has resulted in composites with single-digit graphene loadings delivering conductivity as low as high as .02 S/cm.

Shown below is a nylon fiber with 1wt% graphene oxide with significant electrical conductivity. Such performance is ideal for wearable sensors, ESD,  and other demanding applications that require integrated approaches to solving weight and measurement issues.

About Garmor Inc.

Garmor Inc., with headquarters in Orlando, FL, is a leading manufacturer of low-cost graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide. Garmor has developed a simple yet effective method of producing edge-oxidized graphene oxide with water as the only by-product. This proprietary achievement eliminates costly hazardous waste disposal and delivers a product suitable for large-scale production at commodity-type prices. Garmor has also excelled at pioneering applications for graphene oxide and actively works with customers to implement those solutions. For more information, contact Sean Christiansen at

Garmor has developed a cost-effective method of producing high-quality graphene oxide. This patented method yields high purity graphene with zero waste offering the potential for high volume production with minimal cost.


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